Thursday, July 28, 6pm

David Zwirner gallery, 533 West 19th Street

A performance of excerpts from a forthcoming piece called Ho-Chunk Trickster. We will incorporate music, narration, and movement as we tell stories of Wakdjunkaga. 

musicians / collaborators :

Hank Eddins - Bass

Elizabeth LoPiccolo - Flute, Voice

Gaston Martinez - Guitar

Dylan Neely - Violin

Daniel Pearce - Drums

Kyle Walker - Horn

Rhys Ziemba - Keyboard

Ryne Ziemba - Percussion


photo EL

photo EL

Also performing are Jay Pluck solo and with his band, George Sand.

FUNG WAH by Elizabeth LoPiccolo

Earlier this month we participated in the Fung Wah Biennial on a five hour bus ride from New York to Boston where artists emphasized the journey over the destination. Will Owen, a Flux Factory resident curated the experience, inviting artists to create music, plays, objects, performances. Dylan Neely and Alex Nathanson (known collectively as Fan Letters) asked us to perform Music to Another City, a piece they composed for the Fung Wah Biennial which unfolded over the entire course of the bus ride with our musical actions being cued by sights seen out the windows. I played flute, Rhys and Jon Myers played melodica, and Dylan played mandolin. There was space as we waited for our environmental cues, different for each player. Sometimes we would overlap one another with multiple lines of music.

A reporter named Pien Huang came along for the ride and produced this piece which aired on NPR March 29.


"EIGHTEEN-WHEELER TRUCK" This line would be played upon spotting an 18-Wheeler Truck.   

"EIGHTEEN-WHEELER TRUCK" This line would be played upon spotting an 18-Wheeler Truck.


WEIRD COMEDY by Elizabeth LoPiccolo

The artist Marcel Dzama asked us for some music that might work with "weird comedy". This is part of what we gave him. We're not actually sure if any of it made it into the film...

(featuring Sam Weber on bass!)